It's been a while

It's been a while since I spoke to you, journal. That's because this is one of those calm periods between storms...

Everything has been okay. Well, okay for us. So-so for anyone else. Once in a while he will get angry and stomp off, but it ends there. Today he's pouting because I didn't put enough monster energy drinks in his lunchbag. He called me useless.

I spent 2 hours cooking homemade lunch and dinner to pack for him, but it all means nothing because I forgot an extra energy drink. I'm a totally useless person. Because that's the logical way to think about someone who cooks your food for you.

But this is how our marriage goes. Even if I do exactly what he asks, I still get insulted. This is our normal I guess. Other than that, he's been normal. Even gave me a hug a few days ago.

Some good news. Little one stood up by himself yesterday. He didn't hold onto anything. He just stood up and stared at me and smiled. Good job little boy.

I never knew I could love something so much. He's the cutest thing on the planet. Like super baby-sloth-bunny-hamster-puppy-sheep-plushie type of cute. If my heart was a balloon, I'd float away.


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