Stomped off to work this morning, slamming the door

I guess he's still angry about yesterday. He ignored my offer to make food and boiled 8 eggs to take for his work lunch. I asked if he wanted me to make egg salad and he yelled "NO! I don't have any food!". I don't know how that is supposed to make sense, but okay.

After about 10 minutes I hear a popping and sizzling and I asked what the noise was, since he was near the stove. He said "It's water hitting the dirty stove because you never clean it".

First thing he says to me is an insult. He just had to add that last part. I get up and check the stove. The only thing on it is a few crumbs and a little speck of oil near the grill. Hardly enough to make that noise. I think he let the eggs boil over, but decided to use the opportunity to insult me instead.

He grabbed his work stuff and ran out of the house not even fully dressed yet. Slammed the door really hard behind him. 

Lovely start to my day. Especially since little one was up all night with colic again and I haven't gotten any sleep yet. I wonder how other women's husbands treat them after a fight. Do they act like mine? In the movies they apologize and bring flowers. Does that actually happen, or is it just acting?


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